Nago City stretches across the northern part of Okinawa Island, from the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the east to the coral reefs glowing in the emerald green waters of the East China Sea in the west. Replete with abundant greenery and natural forests, the City boasts both a unique sub-tropical environment and a unique cultural tradition. Nago City is also the urban heart of northern Okinawa, center for all administrative, education and economic activities.

Nago City (名護市) Okinawa, is the largest city in the northern part of the main island. Best known for being the first place in Japan to have cherry blossoms each year, crowds flock here each year in late January to take part in the cities huge Cherry Blossom Festival.

Not only home to Japan's early blooming cherry blossoms, people also come to Nago for scenic landscapes, a 300-year-old Chinese banyan tree, resorts, and theme parks like Nago Pineapple Park, Nago paradise, and Neo Park. How could we write about Nago with out mentioning the Orion Brewery tour that ends with its popular free beer tasteing.

Nago epitomizes the slow, laid-back nature for which Okinawa is famous. Except for blossom time, Nago goes into regular mode and does things at its own Okinawa pace. For those willing to venture north, it is worth the trip by car or take one of the buses run to central Nago.Once in the city, navigation is easy and most sights can be easily reached on foot.


Main Support Subsidies
   Incentives and subsidies available under the Okinawa Promotion and Development Special Measures Act for enhancement of Industry Sites, Information and Communications or Tourism Promotion.

Municipal Subsidy Program
   Subsidies for ventures locating in the Nago City Multimedia Complex (3 years at no cost)

Main Industries, Local Firms
Orion Beer (Inc.)
Ryukyu Cement (Inc.)
Okinawa Pref. Agricultural Products Processing Factory

City Hall

〒905-8540  1-1-1 Minato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
Contact Office: Commerce, Industry & Tourism Section     
TEL : 0980-53-1212   FAX:0980-53-6210
URL : (Japanese only)


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